Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News : Brazilian Man | Marcelo Fonseca | Rescued After Being Buried Alive In Mud for 16 Hours | Pic & Video

Rescue workers in Brazil who heard "muffled noises" coming from a pile of mud and debris dug for three hours to pull out a man buried alive for 16 hours under his wrecked house. Marcelo Fonseca's dramatic rescue from under 13 feet of mud on Monday was videotaped by a journalist friend, Luciano Zimbrao, who did not know who the buried man was until he was finally dragged out and placed on a stretcher, Brazil media reported.A Brazilian man was rescued after being buried for 16 hours by a landslide that swept away his home near Teresopolis, AOL is reporting.

Marcelo Fonseca was pulled from 13 feet of mud after devastating floods hit Brazilian regions north of Rio de Janeiro. As the Telegraph noted, rescue workers in Brazil initially responded to what they describe as "muffled noises" coming from beneath a pile of debris, and spent three hours digging 42-year-old Fonseca out.

Fonseca said he was completely trapped under the rubble and had trouble breathing. "My chest was being crushed by a stone and I was trapped; my two feet were trapped," he said.Fonseca is one of the lucky ones.

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