Friday, January 21, 2011

Texting Woman Falls In Fountain Viral Video : Laughter Or Lawsuit

Texting fountain lady : I had an interesting conversation with the woman who is known around the world now for texting and falling into a fountain at the mall.
Cathy Cruz Mallero sees the humor in her public plunge which went viral on YouTube. But she is taking issue with the security guards who she believes were the ones laughing on the video and never checked to see if she was okay.Cathy Cruz Marrero, who is apparently a criminal, fell spectacularly into a water fountain at a mall while texting. You know this because of the non-stop media coverage surrounding the worst 13 seconds of her life.

Texting fountain lady: Shame on mall cops – Good . The Texting Fountain Lady Comes Out. Well, what do you know The girl who fell into a mall fountain, because she wasn’t paying attention while texting is not a 20-something text addict like I originally thought. She’s a 49-year-old born . Texting fountain lady: Shame on mall cops – Watch the Video . Woman and lady fell into the pit, Viral Video is . and now she wants to sue the mall security The Texting Fountain Lady Comes Out Dlisted

ANYWAY, the Internet is not cruel. It’s actually hilarious. I’ve seen more funny stuff on the Internet in the past 7 years than I have on network television and movies throughout my entire life.

Texting fountain lady : watch it here

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