Wednesday, January 5, 2011

127 Hours Movie Released By AR Rahman

In his last movie, “Slumdog Millionaire,” director Danny Boyle showed a sophisticated sense of how music and image can intertwine and intensify each other. With his latest, “127 Hours,” he proves his skill again, reenlisting composer A.R. Rahman, who won two Academy Awards for his racing, kinetic score to Boyle’s violent fairy tale set in Mumbai, India.

Rahman obtained a degree in western classical music from the Trinity College of Music in London, and set up his own in-house studio called Panchathan Record Inn at Chennai, arguably one of Asia’s most sophisticated and high-tech studios.[3] Later by working in India's various film industries, international cinema and theatre, by 2004, Rahman, in a career spanning nearly two decades, had sold more than 150 million records of his film scores and soundtracks worldwide,[4][5] and sold over 200 million cassettes,[6] making him one of the world's all-time top selling recording artists.

Are you ready for 127 Hours of AR Rahman? Most would say yes, even after his CWG anthem was less than successful.Yes, India's Mozart is back with a score that's already got the critics humming for Danny Boyle's, first film after Slumdog Millionaire - 127 Hours.

The title of the song hasn't been unveiled, but rumor suggests it is the one featuring Dido who joined forces with Rahman in "If I Rise". She was offered to jump into the "127 Hours" soundtrack when she was with him in the studio working on "something else." The secret project was quickly speculated as a material for his upcoming studio effort.

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