Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miss International 2010 Tonight!

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The 50th Miss International 2010 Coronation Night will be held tonight at the Sinchuan Provincial Gymnasium, Chengdu, China. Out of the expected eighty

contestants, sixty-eight will grace the event tonight which will have its Live Telecast in CCTV.
Candidates from pageant-crazy countries Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela are the top contenders for the crown. Among other favorites are Japan (who is probably the best Japanese candidate ever landed on Miss International stage), Greece (who had been a crowd favorite due to her modelesque stature and fierce face) and the blonde from Sweden as well as Costa Rica Miss International 2010 Coronation Night Live Stream Sources: The whole world is now excited to know on who will be crowned as Miss International 2010. The coronation night will take place on Sunday, November 7 at Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It is considered as a very special event for Miss International enthusiast because it marks the Golden Anniversary of the pageant.

Just like the rest of the international beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World, Miss International is expected to be a tough one. Based on the online polls conducted in different beauty-related websites, the representatives from Philippines, Sweden, Greece, Japan and Czech Republic are predicted to win in this competition. This will surely bring more excitement to the audience. The contestants will do everything just to take home to crown to their respective countries. International 2010 Live Streaming Online Free – Krista Arrieta Kleiner, or Krissa Mae, the actress, singer and dancer from Manila is now competing to be international’s best and most well-rounded girl. Watch her conquer the world as you watch Miss International 2010 Live Stream only here.

The Miss International 2010 Coronation Night will be on November 7 to be held in Chengdu, China. Miss International 2010 will be broadcast and will have a live telecast here, 7 PM.

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