Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anthony Barre Murder Case Yet To Reveal Anything


investigations are on about the horrific murder of Anthony Barre who is better known as Messy Mya. The well known comedian who is known for his hilarious and controversial rants on YouTube was murdered brutally on Sunday at a house party and fans of the comedian have found themselves almost clueless about the cause and culprit behind the murder.

With the murder being three days old already, the police have so far remained absolutely tight-lipped on the matter. Many fans have taken to the web to raise questions about the investigations regarding which reports or statements are yet to emerge. The investigators have avoided revealing anything about the ongoing investigations and the police have confirmed that neither anyone has been arrested not any motive behind the murder has been determined. The funeral for Anthony Barre has not yet been set but the memorial services of the comedian have been announced at the House of New Orleans.

The fact that the investigation is yet to reveal anything considering that there were several people present at the time when Anthony Barre was shot down. Witnesses have said that the comedian was shot multiple times at the house party on Sunday soon after 8pm. The fans of the comedian have also taken matters into their own hands and posted signs at several places in New Orleans that includes the crossing where the horrific murder took place. Some reports on the web indicate that the photos snapped during the party could help in solving the murder but it is unclear from the photos that have been posted whether they are authentic and reliable.

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