Monday, November 8, 2010

“Call of Duty : Black Ops” Single Player Review

Call of Duty Black Ops Single Player screenshot

Despite the phenomenal and underrated Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch has not been able to shed the stigma that mark it as a study has been limited to collecting the seed sown by IW and its ability to move

the franchise to a new level little or no. For many Treyarch is just the computer recycler previous Call of Duty to allow Activision to release a sequel every year, giving breaths IW 24 months to do the real leap in quality. 12 months have been forced to change the perspective, which has affected not only the Black Ops in question, but the future of Call of Duty. The neglect of multiple members of Infinity Ward has dismantled virtually the study, as Activision has had to turn the opening for Treyarch at the headliners, providing them everything they might need to make a delivery height.

This time the action takes place in the Cold War where the role of Mason will be part of the SOG (Special Operation Group). The SOG’s were the elite team responsible for carrying out the Black Ops, top secret covert missions that were intended to destabilize and weaken both the former Soviet Union and their allies. In this installment will travel from Cuba to the frozen tropical USSR, not forgetting to give us a walk in the heat of the Vietnam War, through other awake my prefer locations with your own eyes.The game that we have been waiting on for months is almost here, and we can now tell you that the first reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops has now started to appear, and the early signs look good. The review on Wild Gunmen has been written by Sara “Moses” Chin, who is one serious gamer.

Sara starts the review off on a bit of a downer, by saying that the Black Ops campaign is a little like Medal of Honor in the way that it is a bit confusing. For those of you who do not mind jumping in and out of different characters on the narrations, then you will not have any issue with this.

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