Friday, February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga's New Song 'Born This Way' Listen

'Born This Way,' the new single from Lady Gaga was released at 4 a.m. ET this morning (Feb. 11) Fans have been clamoring for the new single, and Gaga pushed the release date forward two days.

Local Tampa - St. Petersburg radio station, 93.3 WFLZ, has been playing 'Born This Way' every hour on the hour since the release, and is planning to continue through the weekend. A quick look at the stations Facebook fanpage gives an interesting look at what fans think of the new song.

Fans of Lady Gaga were greeted Friday morning with a new hit from the pop-star."Born This Way," the newest single off Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, was released online Friday morning.

Lady Gaga's New Song 'Born This Way' Listen

After months of hype and teasing, Lady Gaga debuted her new single, 'Born This Way,' this morning. The track, written by Gaga and produced by DJ White Shadow, Gaga and Fernando Garibay, makes good use of the diva's big voice and penchant for drama, combining powerhouse vocals with in-your-face lyrics about race and sexuality.

Gaga song called, a short excerpt of which she sang at the awards ceremony, MTV video, was born in this way and will be released in next year when her new album comes out. Singer has recently raised its support for the gay community by talking to Congress to demand the abolition of the “Do not Ask, Do not Tell”, and the allocation of dozens of awards won for the gay audience. But not the biggest fan of Gayer and Elton John.

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