Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Shorter New Haircut,You Love?(Pics & Videos)

Jennifer Aniston was made famous by a haircut. But ever since The Rachel, the star has sported basically the same look: long, straight, Malibu Barbie blond.

Even her movie roles have been girls with long straight Malibu Barbie hair. Jennifer Aniston recently denounced The Rachel, calling it “The Ugliest Haircut of All Time” or some similarly extreme statement of negativity.

There are women who can maintain that kind of pristine spill of long hair through day to day life. But I have a special respect (or is it just total disconnect) for women who can do it through the day to day tribulations of pregnancy.

It is, after all, a time when women have traditionally chopped off their manes for something easy-care and no-nonsense.

"In the celebrity world haircuts can be headline makers. If you've already made one cut famous, as Jennifer Aniston did with the 'Rachel,' she's forever going to turn heads when a pair of scissors come close to her carefully sculpted tresses," says Gotham magazine Editor-in-Chief Samantha Yanks.

"For all of Aniston's recent bashing of the haircut that made her famous, her new sexy bob is awfully close to the 'Rachel' just without the layers and a sleeker blowdry.

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