Friday, February 18, 2011

'Threat Level Midnight' On The Office & Deleted Scenes (Full Videos)

The Office to scenes from Michael’s movie? That’s what happened tonight. “Threat Level Midnight” was fun, but also seemed to last a lot longer than was necessary.

Here’s an overview of what this is all about: After eleven years of writing, shooting, re-shooting and editing, Michael (aka Steve Carell’s character) is ready to present to his co-workers the long awaited action movie he’s been creating.

"Threat Level Midnight." Back then, Pam found a screenplay Michael had been working on, and now the film is finally ready to view. The DIY production stars Michael as "Michael Scarn," an agent who faces off against a villain named Goldenface (played by Jim Halpert in gold makeup) in order to save the NHL All-Star game.

Without giving up too much, let’s just say that the more and more you watch of “Threat Level Midnight”, you could see Holly (Michael’s love interest played by Amy Ryan) growing more and more uncomfortable, and it was clear that there would be some type of spat between her and Michael.

Threat Level Midnight on The Office (Full Video)

Threat Level Midnight'Deleted Scenes

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