Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lara Logan (CBS NEWS) : What Really Happened to the Reporter Attacked in Egypt?

Lara Logan is lucky to be alive. The mother of two was just released from the hospital and is recovered at home after a horrific and “prolonged beating and sexual assault” in Egypt.The CBS news reporter attacked by a 200-strong mob last week in Cairo during what should have been a night of celebration not violence.

But what really happened to Lara Logan?The Wall Street Journal reported that someone close to Lara Logan said that it was not a case of rape. It might have been a situation where she was groped as she was beaten. But regardless of the definition of “sexual assault” what happened to Lara Logan is horrific, terrible and tremendously sad.

CBS correspondent Miss Logan endured a 'brutal and sustained' sexual assault and beating while covering the resignation of President Mubarak in Egypt.

The mother-of-one had been surrounded by an angry mob of 200 people before the assault which is thought to have lasted up to half an hour. She had to be saved by a group of women and 20 Egyptian soldiers and was later taken to hospital.

Lara Logan (CBS NEWS)

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