Monday, April 4, 2011

(See)Justin Bieber Forgot To Zip His Fly at L.P Concert 2011,Ooop's

Justin Bieber suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when his flies came unzipped on stage at Liverpool Arena. This embarrassing moment happened as he performed about on stage in a metallic jacket and white trousers in front of thousands and thousands of fans at Liverpool Arena.

Just when you thought you had seen enough of Justin Bieber, the teen wonder almost gave adoring front row fans in Liverpool a peep down his pants, accidentally leaving his fly undone!

It wouldn’t have been an issue had the Biebs not been busting some serious moves in a pair of fairly tight white jeans with matching silver-armed jacket.

Realising his mistake half way through the show, he changed up his routine to include a series of strategic crotch concealing dance moves.

I, for one, feel sorry for The Biebs. How about you?

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