Friday, April 1, 2011

Deadly Cobra Found:Missing Bronx Zoo Cobra Has Been Found,Full Video

After a week of mystery, the Bronx Zoo cobra has been found.The infamous snake, who last week absconded from her zoo quarters and has been at large ever since, was found early Thursday at the Bronx Zoo Reptile House.

The deadly cobra that's been missing from the Bronx Zoo for the past five days is terrorizing a middle school! No, actually, it has been found "alive and well," according to Bronx Zoo director Jim Breheny. It was in the reptile house the whole time. That was anti-climactic.

The 20-inch-long Egyptian Cobra, which slithered into our hearts after escaping from its enclosure a week ago, was found on Thursday by zoo officials, coiled in a secluded, dark corner of the reptile house,

"The key strategy here in recovering the snake was patience," Breheny said at a press conference just a few minutes ago. "We had to give her a chance to feel secure and comfortable so she would come out and explore her environment and we could get it."

"We're really happy to announce that cobra missing for seven days has been found," Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, said at a press conference Thursday afternoon. "She's alive and well ... resting comfortably and secure."Breheny said the key strategy in recovering the snake was patience.

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