Thursday, April 21, 2011

See Ex Marine Beats His Wife In Front Of Divorce Judge,Full Video

Happily ever after ended with a stun gun Friday morning for an ex-Marine who attacked and beat his wife in a judge's chambers during their final divorce hearing.

Fort Lauderdale resident Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr., 28, beat Catherine Ann Scott-Gonzalez so severely that, according to her boyfriend, she was held overnight in intensive care at Holy Cross Hospital to monitor brain swelling.

"A mother of two came on camera to talk about a brutal beating by her husband that unfolded in front of a judge.The incident occurred at the Broward County Courthouse, last Friday.Caty Scott-Gonzalez was at the final court hearing for her divorce from her husband, Paul Gonzalez.

Scott-Gonzalez said her husband blind-sided her inside the private chambers of Judge Ronald Rothschild. As Gonzalez began beating his wife, a dozen bailiffs rushed in to subdue him.

The first blow knocked Scott-Gonzalez unconscious, Worsencroft said, and after the assault she collapsed into the arms of a courtroom clerk as a pool of blood grew near the judge's chair.

Her divorce attorney, Michael Dunleavy, wrapped his arms around Gonzalez to restrain him until police arrived."He was punching with a true vengeance. It was vicious," Dunleavy told the paper, noting that "to see that violence play out in a judge's chambers is somewhat surreal."

Gonzalez is charged with felony battery, domestic violence and resisting arrest without violence.

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