Monday, April 25, 2011

See Justin Bieber Enjoying Sits On Selena Gomez's Lap & Hagging

Still "just friends," huh??Come on, guys! You can't deny a romance now!

Justin Bieber was spotted sitting on Selena Gomez's lap at Justin's tourmate Jessica Jarrell's sweet 16 birthday party.

When the birthday girl was shown the pic of Justin and Selena, she replied, "No, I never saw that. I don't think that happened."

A picture of Justin Bieber reportedly sitting on Selena Gomez's lap at a friends birthday party has emerged online, fuelling rumoursthat the teens are dating.

The pair were allegedly snapped at Jessica Jarrell's sweet 16 party in Los Angeles, and shows Bieber either standing in front of Selena or as reported online, sitting on her lap.

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