Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber having Back Injury,JB Not Cancelling Sydney Concerts

Justin Bieber is performing through the pain on his tour of Australia - he's suffering from a mystery back injury.The Baby hitmaker arrived Down Under on Tuesday and was pictured grimacing as he hobbled off his plane in Brisbane rubbing his back.

And the singer has told fans he's in such agony he's been forced to take extended bed-rest at his hotel."Crazy 24 hours of travel... back is messed up... but we are smiling. We finally made it. AUSTRALIA we are here... back is in ALOT of pain.

Aussie beliebers face an anxious wait as Justin Bieber has treatment for a back injury, which could force him to postpone or delay his sold-out Sydney concert tonight.

Justin was advised not to go ahead with his opening show in Brisbane on Tuesday after injuring his back wake-boarding in Bali last weekend.

He arrived in Brisbane by private jet just 90 minutes before he was due on stage after delaying his departure from Bali to rest up.

A doctor and chiropractor inspected him before the show and reportedly advised Bieber not to go ahead with the concert, which features several complex dance sequences.Despite the advice of medical experts Bieber was determined the show go on.

It took a toll, with Bieber tweeting after the gig: "gonna rest up ... back is killing".It is understood he was seeking further medical attention when he arrived in Sydney yesterday afternoon but told his minders he would not cancel any concerts.

"He's all about his fans and was saying he didn't care what anyone was telling him to do," a source said yesterday.

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