Friday, April 1, 2011

12-Year Old Gives Birth During School Trip,Pics & Video

A 12-year-old Dutch girl gave birth to a healthy baby girl during a school excursion with her classmates, sparking The Netherlands police search for the father of the girl.

A spokesman for the health services commented, “Neither the girl nor her family had realised she was pregnant, and there were no external signs to show it.”

He also added that he did not know how many months pregnant the young mother was.On March 22, during a school trip, the girl from Groningen (183 km north-east of Amsterdam) complained of having violent stomach pain.

Teachers realized that the girl was in labour and called the ambulance. Ambulance officers rushed to the scene and assisted the 12-year-old mother to deliver her baby girl in a nearby building.

According to the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, family members said that the girl’s father had previously sexually abused another older daughter and served two years in jail for the sex crime.

The schoolgirl has been living with her father and brother after the father won custody following a divorce from their mother, who was originally from Surinam, a former Dutch colony in South America.Family members said that the schoolgirl’s father previously sexually abused another older daughter and served two years in jail for the sex crime, according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The girl, from Groningen, 114 miles northeast of Amsterdam, complained of stomach pains March 22, during a day out with classmates.The girl's stepsister, 30, told the newspaper, "I warned him. I am shocked about what happened."

Dutch police said in a statement Wednesday, "The girl got pregnant when she was 11, which in itself means there has been a criminal offense. Article 244 of the Penal Code, sex with a minor under 12, is punishable.

The girl was due to go into foster care once she was released from the hospital.

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