Saturday, April 23, 2011

See Justin Bieber Hits 9 million Twitter Followers

Justin Bieber has officially reached the 9 millions follower mark on Twitter, making him only the second celebrity to cross that threshold.

At midday on Friday, he was about 30,000 followers beyond the significant mark. Who else in the celebosphere has hit that massive number?

And just to give him another view, get your “Baby” fix below, which is currently at a ridiculous 523 million views.

these days, and like lots you all watching out there, we've taken note of Justin Bieber's quick rise to the top on

Very rarely can you sign on to the popular site and NOT see Justin Bieber as a trending topic. Well, according to many reports, J-Biebs has been the #1 most trended topics of the week many times over the past few months.

Justin averages about 11,000 new followers every single day. And he does rank among the Top 140 twitter users globally, and he is moving to the top of that list rather quickly. All of this and Justin hasn't even been a part of twitter for a year.

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