Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heavy Snow Causes Roof Collapse At Commercial Building (Watch It)

This year’s record-breaking snow isn’t without it’s consequences.While snowstorms in Massachusetts have taken down residential roofs before, there have been hardly any commercial collapses like the Triton Technologies building in Easton. The building went down encircling 10:45 a.m., while Fresh England Cable Network video cameras were rolling.

Triton Technologies buckled under heavy snow and rain.The roof of the building, which has been empty since 2001, collapsed under the weight of snow.The collapse happened on Logans Ferry Road at a building that housed landscaping equipment. The structure was made of corrugated steel and the roof was covered in snow.

Plum firefighters and Plum EMS were dispatched to the scene before 11 a.m. and helped rescue the man, who was trapped in the rear of the building.Snow is causing roof collapses around the region, with buildings in Upton, Millbury, Westborough, Northborough and Auburn falling from the weight of heavy snow.Grafton to date has around 40 inches of snow on the ground from several weeks of snowstorms.

Snow Causes Roof Collapse At Commercial Building (Watch It)

"It just overloaded the roof. People underestimate how much weight is in the snow that's on top of the structures," said Chad Bosser of Extreme Roofing.

According to Building Inspector Robert Berger, his department has received few calls from residents about snowy roofs - something he sees as a good sign.

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