Friday, February 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Short White Dress : Appropriate for Court?

Lindsay says that the white dress stands for purity and was a statement to prove her innocence. I don’t agree. I think she was dressed nicely, and looked pulled together. She looked great, healthy, and it is kind of sad people are going to such lengths to find something wrong.I feel bad for her, she is clearly trying to get her life together. I hope she can. The media is a circus around her. I don’t think many people can handle that kind of fame, and definitely not from such a young age.

The dress from designer Kimberly Ovitz''s pre-fall collection is selling out at online stores that carry it,The dress retails for 575 dollars. Some brick-and-mortar retailers may still have it.

"Ms. Lohan maintains her innocence, and now that I've seen the police reports, I believe the case is entirely defensible," lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said. "Having said that, we will entertain a discussion concerning a plea if it means no jail so that she can move forward with her recovery and her career."

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