Monday, February 7, 2011

Kids React To Viral Videos : 'Charlie Bit Me' Ted Williams'Golden Voice' beggar and his 92-year-old mother after ten years

It's that time again! Time to see what America's youth think of the most popular viral videos out there. Why? Because, as you may have seen in some of the previous episodes, the kids' reactions are often even funnier than the videos themselves. The Fine Bros. are really on to something here, especially the hilarious crop of kids they have stuck with since episode one. Morgan is still our favorite!

They have been estranged for ten years - but today the beggar with the golden voice was reunited with his elderly mother in an emotional meeting as the cameras rolled.

Ted Williams could only repeat 'Hi Mommy' as he walked towards his 92-year-old mother Julia, who hid her face in her hands as her son fell to his knees before her.

'I know, I feel the same way Mommy,' he said as he hugged her. 'I love you.... Hi Mommy, I'm home, I told you I was coming this year. I know I don't look the best but I'm home, I got a haircut.'

'I love you too, son,' she said before adding, perhaps in reference to his past of drugs and alcohol abuse, 'Please don't disappoint me'.

He was inundated with job offers yesterday after a film of him roadside begging in Columbus, Ohio – and displaying his impossibly smooth radio tones – went viral.

Yesterday, a tearful Williams told CBS' The Early Show the best gift of his new-found fame was the chance to visit his mother.

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