Wednesday, February 2, 2011

‘Daily Show’: Michael Steele Meets His Puppet (Watch It)

In a historic "Daily Show" moment Tuesday night, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele - the real one- met the puppet who has been representing him for so long in "Daily Show" interviews.As soon as Steele sat down for his interview, Jon Stewart was confused. Was this the same Michael Steele he had been interviewing all this time?

But just then, the puppet we thought Stewart had said goodbye to after the real Steele's term ended, popped out.When Stewart was confused which was the real Michael Steele, the puppet had a great idea: “ask us questions only the real Michael Steele can answer.

”On Tuesday night's “The Daily Show,” Steele, the recently ousted RNC chairman, took on his puppet counterpart — a blue felt-skinned regular on the show.The two answered questions from Stewart that only the real Steele would know.

‘Daily Show’: Michael Steele Meets His Puppet (Watch It)

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Puppet-Steele betrayed himself when unable to pronounce the name of new RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.The humorous exchange that follows ends with Michael Steele finally dismissing the puppet with this rhyming gem “take a hike, Dick van Dyke.” Hopefully though this isn’t the last of Puppet Michael Steele since the rest of the interview seems to suggest that the real deal Steele is not quite as entertaining as the puppet.

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