Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Current TV: Keith Olbermann on Show ! Hosting New Show, Becoming Chief News Officer

Current TV: Keith Olbermann: Keith Olbermann has found a new cable home: Current TV.The cable network announced that the incendiary former MSNBC host will helm a new nightly prime-time news and commentary show that will debut sometime later this year.

Olbermann was also named chief news officer of Current TV and will receive an equity stake in the company. Current TV, founded in part by former Vice President Al Gore, began in 2005 and now has international branches in the U.K.,

Italy and South Africa.In a conference call with reporters, Olbermann said that "nothing is more vital to a free America than a free media, "and nothing is more vital to my concept of a free media than news that is produced independently of corporate interference." He called Current "the model truth seeking entity" in television, and said that his new show was "the most exciting event in my career."

He said the show "will be for all intents and purposes an improved and we hope amplified and stronger version of the show that I just did at my previous network." He said the name and time of the show have not been figured out yet.As you probably know Keith Olberman just recently left MSNBC in January. Since he has a clause prohibiting him from joining another TV outlet we are not sure when he is going to be joining the team. He was MSNBC’s biggest ratings draw but he was suspended for contributions to politicians in KY and AZ. Maybe Current TV can help him get out of this jam.

The co-founders indicated that hiring Olbermann is the first step in a plan to build a primetime commentary block on the network, a move that presumably will make it more competitive with the major news networks. Current TV ratings are very modest, they’re not included in the usual Nielsen cable charts.

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