Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watch : Childless Couple Adopts 120kg Gorilla

Well, a French couple has done just that with Digit the 120kg gorilla.

French Zoo owners Pierre and Elaine Thivillon adopted Digit 13 years ago when he was abandoned as a baby.

Since that time the childless couple has raised Digit in their own home, feeding her, cuddling her, and even letting her sleep on their bed.

Despite her considerable size and strength, the couple say they feel completely safe around Digit.But the time has come for the hairy knuckle-dragger to spent time with his own kind.No, not teenagers, but other Gorillas at the Thivillon's Lyon Zoo.

According to New Zealand’s News 3, the couple also once cared for Digit’s brother, Ginko, but he became aggressive and they had to return him to the zoo. "Life was very difficult a few days after Ginko left.

We got used to seeing him everyday. He slept near us, we had breakfast together, we had a good time together and it was a real pleasure.

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