Monday, June 13, 2011

JB Girlfriend Selena Gomez Pregnent Rumors Spin Out Of Her Hospital Stay

It is rumored that Selena Gomez is pregnant. And Selena is probably pregnant of Justin Bieber's baby as she was rushed to the hospital following attacks of nausea and headaches.

Selena Gomez pregnant rumors started spinning hours after Selena goes to the hospital with nausea and a headache.

This could also have something to do with JELENA’s recent public displays of affection and kissing pictures.

While this is not the first time questions have popped up online about Selena being pregnant, as soon as the word “nausea” is heard, it apparently crossed a few minds that this might be the case.

With Selena “very publicly all over boyfriend Justin Bieber for the last couple of weeks, there is no telling what happens behind closed doors,” according to the website Hollywood Dame.

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