Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JB GF Selena Gomez Won't Wear Someday Perfume & Jealous Of Bieber Fans

Someday, but apparently you won’t catch his girlfriend, Selena Gomez wearing it anytime soon!

In fact, she claims that the scent was created for his fans and doesn’t want to wear it. Reportedly, the teen singer is giving away the new fragrance to every woman he knows, but Selena doesn’t want to smell like all of his fans.

A source said, “Selena has got a bottle but she stopped wearing it when she realized Justin’s mother was wearing it too. Selena doesn’t want to smell like Justin’s mom.

Disney starlet is jealous of the attention that Justin gets from his large fan base. One snitch said, “Selena has become more and more insecure because of the way Justin is with his fans.While he tells Selena there’s nothing in it, she can’t help but feel upset about it and she told him so.”

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