Saturday, June 18, 2011

See Lady Gaga Goes Bald For the"Paul O'Grady Show"Pix & Video

News is in that Lady Gaga is going bald! The eccentric Grammy-award winning singer, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is known for her wild hairstyles, and has recently even dyed her hair peroxide blonde! This has known to cause excessive hair fall for Lady Gaga, leading her to consider a chemical hair cut.

Singing on a stage surrounded by smoke and fire, it was probably a good thing Gaga ditched the synthetic hair for this performance!

The Paparazzi singer wrote before going on the show: "Tonight HAUS OF GAGA is taking over Paul O'Grady in the UK! I'm performing 5 songs and a very special performance art piece."

If you look closely at the video it looks like Gaga is just wearing a bald cap. At the end of the song she takes off her sunglasses and puts on her turquoise wig. The host of the show points out that she looks very different than she did when he saw her three years ago and she says, “Yes and I have less hair.”

So what do you think about Gaga’s bald head — real or fake?

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