Tuesday, July 12, 2011

U.S. Women Beat Brazil & Won Women's World Cup Game ‎2011(Video)

"We believe that we can win this tournament," Wambach said. "I do not know if you can write a better manuscript".

For Brazil, this is nevertheless another disappointment to a major tournament. And this the one is sure to prick more any others because Marta had won it for the Brazilian ones, marking Sunday his second objective of the game in the second minute of additional hours for the 2-1 first one that would have sent the Americans to their more first one gone out never.

But Erika wedged when she brought down on an equipment, and the delay added three minutes of time of stop to the game.

That was the whole Wambach of time and the Americans needed, after pushing itself limiting while playing a short woman of the minute 66 on.

Two minutes in the stop time, Megan Rapinoe sent an explosion of a cross of the left side that Andreia did not come close to to obtain its hands on. Wambach, one of the better players in the world in the air, the contact done and with a furious whip of his head, buried it in the side close of the net.

Wambach to leave go out a primitive cry and slipped in the corner, pumping its fists, quickly is attacked by its teams mates. It was the last objective in the World Cup history.

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