Sunday, July 24, 2011

See Justin Bieber Gold Bullion Head Price $1m,Pics

This sculpture was created in order to demonstrate how versatile gold and other precious metals are, and to show how it can be used in displaying modern art.

The ten week project consisted of a carefully planned out strategy, resulting in intricate attention to detail. The head was first sculpted in clay by a professional artist, which was then used to create the mold.

Once the mold was created, the Gold was then heated to its melting point and poured into the mold to cast the head.

According to the owner of 1st Gold Bullion, the gold used in the hair of Justin Bieber alone is “worth over $250,000.

Since the price of gold is consistently increasing, the current market value of the gold Justin Bieber sculpture is expected to rise significantly in the coming months as fears in the economy sends gold prices soaring.”

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