Saturday, July 16, 2011

See World's Largest Underwater Wedding Attempted By Alberto Dal & Karla Ysunza On July 17

The July 17 wedding of a couple in Playa del Carman, Mexico, should make a big splash — both literally and figuratively.That’s because the ceremony is taking place underwater and the couple hopes there are enough water-logged well wishers to break the current Guinness World Record of 261 divers.

Alberto Dal Lago, 41, and Karla Ysunza, 43, decided to take the big plunge in order to express their love both for each other and the ocean.

“We always knew this was the only way our wedding could happen since we are both ocean-lovers,”

Judge Jorge Denis, head of the local Civil Registry of Solidarity, is officiating and recently took a dive certification course along with his secretary in order to perform the underwater wedding.

Instead of reading the traditional wedding vows to make the marriage official, the judge will use a laminated flip chart, where the dialogue will be written according to civil laws, and the key question of whether or not they agree to unite their lives will be asked.

Sadly, Ysunza’s parents won’t be able to see their bride scuba down the aisle, and will have to settle for attending a reception at a nearby beach club after the ceremony.

“[My parents] are not getting certified,” she said. “My mother has heart disease and my dad doesn’t want to leave her alone.”

However, she says they aren’t surprised she is getting married in such an unusual manner.“My family is used to me doing these types of things,” she said, laughing.

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