Friday, September 9, 2011

Watch : World's Weird & Hairiest Man,Video

Yu Zhenhuan, from China, is the hairiest man in the world. Ninety-six per cent of his body is covered in very thick black hair. The only place he doesn't have hair is on the palms of his hands and on the soles of his feet.

This excess of body hair has caused him a lot of trouble. It's difficult to see because his eye-lashes are so long. He also has hearing and breathing problems because of the hair that grows out of his ears and nose.

When Yu was a child the other kids were cruel, called him names and threw stones at him, but he became well-known when he made a film called 'The adventures of a hairy child'.Later he learnt how to play the guitar and the saxophone and now dreams of becoming a rock star.

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