Friday, August 19, 2011

WOW!! Casper Wells Hit By Pitch In Nose (FULL VIDEO)

Casper Wells had a headache, a swollen nose and a seat in the trainers room as a result of the sixth-inning fastball that hit him in the face on Wednesday.

No hard feelings, though, toward Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow, who's 97 mph heater managed to only cause minimal damage to the Mariners outfielder.

Morrow, who was traded to Toronto before the 2010 season, apologized via Twitter to Wells after the game. Here is their exchange.

Morrow: "Casper, sorry about the pitch that got away tonight. I'm glad it didn't get you too bad.After the pitch, Wells dropped his bat, grabbed his face and stumbled around home plate before taking a knee while a team trainer examined him.

"I have a headache, my nose feels humongous, but I think I'll be all right."

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