Saturday, August 6, 2011

See Justin Bieber Spending Too Much Money For Selena?

Justin regularly charters private planes to fly Selena and a few of her friends to meet him at various stops on his tour. When they can’t be together, he buys out florist shops and sends her enormous bouquets.

During a shopping trip in New York City in late June, he treated Selena to tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Then he whisked her off to the Hamptons for a cruise on a luxury yacht.”

He also snatched her up for a trip to Maui in May and then forked over $10,000 a night to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. And when she was hospitalized, Justin went all out, buying her a $30,000 diamond encrusted Cartier watch to boost her spirits. Must be nice!

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